Special Persons Day

When one looks back at this time of the year for O’Neal, they often remember food drives, the second grade Great Kapok Tree performance, the Parents Association Book Fair and Special Persons Day. Special Persons Day would often be the last day before Thanksgiving Break and many times, a half day. With focus on the Lower School, there is often a performance that includes all lower school grades and special persons are invited to attend. Afterwards, special persons join their host in their classroom for special activities as well as follow the normal class schedule. Refreshments are served. Some classes put on an extra performance, like the second grade Great Kapok Tree. Everyone gets to visit the book fair.

This year, due to the pandemic and scheduling, O’Neal has opted to shake things up a bit and hold Special Persons Day on the day before Easter break – Thursday, April 14th.

The O’Neal Community is looking forward to having a Special Persons Day again. It is a treasured tradition enjoyed by all.

Falcons Fly to 50

O’Neal is excited to share its history with readers as it quickly nears its 50th year in educating and cultivating youth in becoming successful, effective contributors to communities large and small. The official celebration starts school year 2021/2022. This weekly blog will focus on different aspects of the School as it grew through the years. With every entry, there is just as much more information to gather than what is already written. Readers who have been a part of the O’Neal community are encouraged to reach out and share their O’Neal memories. It is with great hope that the efforts of many in contributing information and photography can be published into a book for reflection and reference as the School continues to prosper for the next 50 years.

Please send your memoirs and photos to:
The O’Neal School
c/o Kathy Taylor, Director of Communications
P.O. Box 290
Southern Pines, NC 28388
Email: ktaylor@onealschool.org

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