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Feature image for Grammar blog. Maginfying glass on the word "Grammar"

Make Time for Grammar

O’Neal focuses on the little things by introducing a grammar curriculum for grades 1-12.

Class of 2022 high school students wait for their little buddies on the first day of school.

The Importance of Community in Schools

Our youth can say the sweetest things. As children learn to properly articulate their thoughts, there is a special truthfulness that always rises to the top. In January 1972 words from O’Neal’s students were printed in the program for its first-ever Monte Carlo Benefit. The section was called “Why I Like Wallace O’Neal School”. Fourth-grade … Continue reading The Importance of Community in Schools

2015 Boys and Girls swim teams hold their state championship trophies.


Swimming and O’Neal have gone hand in hand from almost the beginning. The natatorium was a part of O’Neal’s first brick and mortar project which is comprised of the Edward Taws Education Center, Tate Gymnasium and the pool. For many years it was the only offering in town.

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The feature photo is reminiscent of a scene in the movie Sandlot. The O’Neal School baseball team of 1974 had the amenities of a backstop and some dirt for practice as the mobile unit school buildings sit not too far from the action. By this time, O’Neal was serving students in grades 4-9. It was a young team.

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