Class Trips

Senior Class Trip 2012

A lasting tradition for The O’Neal School is Class Trips. The Class Trip is defined as an excursion out of town with the students and teachers in your grade. Typically, it is overnight for three to five days, but not always. They are scheduled near the beginning of the school year and the main purpose is to provide an environment to encourage peer bonding as well as to strengthen relationships with advisors. The more a teacher knows about the student outside of the classroom, the better equipped they are to teach them.

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Wallace O’Neal Day School Opens

The Campbell House

The day had come to open Wallace O’Neal Day School for students. Over the summer months, the office at First Union Bank was busy with enrollment testing for students and hiring of teachers. Many publications have a variety of numbers for the quantity of students enrolled that first year. The quantity stated the most is 35. Everything was in place, except for one large item – a building. Mobile units to place on the acreage donated to the School by Mrs. Mary Elaine Meyer O’Neal had not yet arrived.

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Bradshaw Hall

O’Neal’s Bradshaw Hall was dedicated September 5, 2002.  It was identified as the School’s multipurpose building, which remains true today, yet never really called by that term. Presently, it holds two art studios, McMurray Library, a dining commons, the Falcon Lab for tech classes, and The William J. Breitenbeck Administrative Center. All of these areas are connected by a sunlight-filled atrium.

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Gertrude the Bus

Today we celebrate getting kids to school. Gertrude the Bus was O’Neal’s first “transporter” for students. It was a unique acquisition by founding trustee and parent Jim Van Camp.  He and his daughters were driving it to Southern Pines after purchasing it in Troy and discovered it had no brakes. From that point on, there were so many memorable stories from students of journeys taken. Gertrude the Bus had a significant role with student life at O’Neal in the early days. Apparently, in addition to no brakes, Gertrude had no air conditioning or heat.

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Tennis started at O’Neal in 1975 as a combined team. They traveled to courts off campus to practice and compete. In 1979 the teams divided, and O’Neal was able to compete in girls and boys tennis. In 2004, the campaign to build tennis courts on campus was chaired by Drs. Glen and Diane Subin, who’s sons all played tennis. Them along with other parents of the 2003/2004 tennis teams led the way in raising funds to build the six-court complex on campus. The Booster Club was also a generous donor to the effort.

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