It’s Official!

February 18, 1971 – Fifty years ago today, the articles of incorporation for Sandhills Independent School Corporation were signed and later filed on February 22nd. Endorsed by three representatives of the 14-member Board of Trustees, it was full steam ahead to have Wallace O’Neal Day School up and running by the fall. The initial Board of Trustees as listed in the articles of incorporation were: Edward T. “Ted” Taws, Jr, Robert C. Fisher, A.B. Hardee, Mrs. William P. Davis, Warwick Fay Neville, Mrs. Mary Toerge, Mrs. William R. Bonsal, III, Dr. Charles W. Lowry, Mrs. Robert S. Ewing, William Durward P. Grady, Mrs. Robert L. Huffines, Jr., Capt. Asbury Coward, III, Dr. Cecil H. Neville, Jr., and Earl Hubbard.

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